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Soil quality test kit guide

The Soil Quality Test Kit Guide offers in the first section, multiple test procedures to measure the physical, chemical, and biological properties of a soil, i.e. biological activity, infiltration rate, soil compaction, salt concentration, acidity/ alkalinity, nitrate levels, aggregate stability, number of earthworms, soil structure and texture. In a second section, the interpretive guide helps to explain the obtained results of each test described in Section I in the context of soil quality. In the testing section a preliminary site characterization and sampling guideline is presented. This is followed by tests and step-by-step instructions using pictures to allow a qualitative assessment of soil respiration, infiltration, bulk density, electrical conductivity pH, soil nitrate, aggregate stability, slake, earthworm, soil physical observation and estimation and water quality. Containing both, the testing and interpretation section, this Test Kit Guide serves as a screening tool to provide results for comparing management systems, monitoring changes in soil quality over time, and for identifying improvements in management to increase soil quality. It should be noted that for the conduction and analysis of certain tests special device is required. Support by experienced farmers or advisors is recommended for the testing and interpreting. It is possible to conduct selected tests out of the Soil Quality Test Kit Guide.