Camera-controlled hoeing of row crops


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The closer sweeps get to the middle of the row, the more efficient hoeing becomes. However, minor driving mistakes or lack of precision put the crop at risk as plants can be uprooted or damaged.
Hoeing with camera-controlled steering systems.
The distance of the operating tools from the middle of the row is reduced to as little as 2.5 cm at a working speed of 6-7 km/h (when the crop is in early development stage). Practical recommendations Observations and practical hints • The earlier the better: hoeing should be performed as soon as the row is visible. • The more developed the crop is, the larger the distance between the hoeing sweeps and the centre of the row should be. • In crusty soils, the working speed should be reduced during the early development stage of the crop to decrease the risk of uprooting the crop.
Weed management
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