Simple building blocks for improved soil fertility – Look and judge yourself

Judge in 4 simple steps your soil and soilmanagement in the field.


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How to judge my soil and my soilmanagement myself?
The guide describes some simple tools to evaluate soilfertility and soilmanagement that easily can be done by farmers.
The guide describes in a practical way and in four steps how farmers can evaluate their soilfertility and soilmanagement: (1) Look to the field and (2) soilsurface, (3) dig a small pit and look and if interested, do (4) some small and simple additional tests such as pricker-test and counting earthworms The tool is relevant for all people that want to be aware of their soil and it can be used by farmers individually or in discussion with their adviser. With some experience doing these tests becomes second nature.
Soil quality and fertility
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