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How to monitor soil health and in particular how to forecast the effect of fertilization practices and other agronomic practices on soil physical, chemical and biological conditions.
This application is meant for saving, visualizing and exchanging data on soil health using spade-test method. The application facilitates field data collection but does not substitute the need for accurate observations and for linking those with the history of the site observed. Several variables (soil texture, moisture, mechanical operations, etc.) impact on the interpretation of spade-test observations. Knowledge about the history of the site observed is, then, essential for maximum exploitation of this application potential.
SOILHEALTH.CAPSELLA.EU platform supports farmers across Europe in maintaining healthy agricultural soils. The spade-test application on the platform allows self-assessment of soil health using a widely used, qualitative method for performing the observation of soil conditions (spade test). It gives the farmer information on soil fertility and on mechanical operations effects on its structure. Farmers, by using the application for recording their observations, are able to share their findings, learn from each other and seek further advice to the community by working with open software, open data and open hardware. The spade test application, available for PC, tablet and smartphone, guides the user through an easy touch-enabled interface to define the soil features for different layers in a sample. At the end, summary results highlighting the positive and negative features are given and shared, eventually adding comments and a short description of farm practices. The application is intended for: single farmers and farmers communities (unions, associations, informal networks); extension services from local authorities; organic and biodynamic certification organisations. Google Store - Download android version:
Soil quality and fertility
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