SEMINBIO®: Innovative seeder for weed control in cereals


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Weed competition is a crucial aspect in organic farming systems, especially for predominantly annual crops such as cereals and legumes. Sowing density and the spatial arrangement of plants play a crucial role in weed control.
The seeder prototype SEMINBIO®, which was tested on durum wheat, optimises seed distribution in the three axes of space. This ensures a fast soil cover by the crop, a rapid and improved uptake of nutrients, and enhanced competitive ability against weeds.
Trials with the SEMINBIO® seeder in southern and central Italy showed that the seeder’s sowing layout increased wheat yield, irrespective of the weed presence, and decreased weed development, if weeds were present, compared to ordinary seeders. Practical recommendation - The SEMINBIO® seeder is still at a prototype stage, but it will soon be commercially manufactured. - The SEMINBIO® seeder can be combined with the harrow weeder or any other weeding strategy to obtain an augmented weed control effect.
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