Managing for Soil Health on an Organic Farm - A Farmer's Perspective

Use plants to change the soil health


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Crop rotation planning
Crop rotation based on the concept that every crop follows a suitable predecessor
This tool is a webinar. The presenter, Klaas Martens, is an organic farmer. He uses a diverse crop rotation to farm over 1,400 acres of organic corn, soybeans, small grains, a variety of peas, and cover crops. By adhering to one simple principle - every crop follows a suitable predecessor - Martens has improved soil health and function to cycle nutrients, increase water infiltration and availability, and eliminate both weed and disease pest problems. The presentation is focused on the concept of using plants to change the soil and how soil biology can perform the services that are expected from tillage. Relay cropping, or starting one crop before the previous crop is harvested, is also covered. The webinar is targeted both to newcomers and experienced organic farmers. Webinar contents are based on experiences made in the United States but concepts and hints can be applied on other countries.
Soil quality and fertility
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