Oregon Tilth 2017 WEBINAR SERIES

Practical insights on cover crops and soil regenerative practices.


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Transition to organic farming. Soil fertility management
Extension field trials and farmers experiences
Oregon tilth webinars promote the transition to organic farming through practical illustrations of good agronomic practices and organic policies. Practices are explained through field trials conducted by the extension services and farmers direct experiences. They can be accessed any time and offer a certificate of participation. Webinars are targeted both to converted farmers and experienced organic farmers. Being agronomic themes (i.e. cover crops, soil regenerative practices, resources conservation), also conventional farmers can profit from them. These webinars are focused on arable land and on non-ruminant livestock of the North Western part of the USA. Some of them are specific for that area (grant policies, surveys), others are more generic and the practices they show can be applied to other countries.
Soil quality and fertility
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