Organic Cover Cropping and Intercropping

Intercropping cover crops into cash crops


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Weed and fertility management in organic systems.
Field examples to incorporate winter and summer cover crops into the crop rotation.
This webinar is about Cover crops. They are an integral part of all organic cropping systems since they provide the foundation for organic nutrient management, pest control, weed suppression, and improving soil health. Andy Bary, Washington State University – Puyallup, explains the different classes of cover crops and the benefits each class provides. He also introduces the concept of “inter-seeding relay planting” or the growing of one crop planted between the rows of an existing crop, e.g. hairy vetch planted into corn. He discusses seeding techniques, species selection, and management strategies to ensure success. Weed suppression using summer cover crops is also discussed. The webinar is targeted both to newcomers and experienced organic farmers.
Soil quality and fertility
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