Pest and Disease Control in Grass and Forage Crops

Hints for non-chemical management of forage crops pests and diseases.


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Pest and diseases management of grass and forage crops.
Description and pictures of pests and diseases symptoms. Hints on non-chemical strategies to reduce pests and diseases incidence.
Pest and diseases can have a significant effect on the establishment, yield and longevity of grass and forage crops. This tool is an atlas for the identification of the main pests regarding grass and forage crops. It has been written for Wales climates and it is not specific for organic farming. Nonetheless, the information contained, can be used by farmers, conventional or organic, skilled or newcomers, all over Europe. Besides pest descriptions, with pictures that facilitate the task of identification, it provides useful hints on preventive, non-chemical, practices to reduce pest incidence.
Pest and disease control
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