Healthy Grassland Soils Pocketbook

Easy-to-follow visual guidelines for soil structure assessment with recommendations


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How to assess grassland soils
Easy steps for assessment and recording or scores as well as suggestions how to avoid compaction and improve soil structure
This pocketbook, based on work conducted by SRUC, Newcastle University and ADAS, aims develop an industry-recognised method to assessing grassland soils and to provide guidance on soil biology. It contains easy-to-follow guidelines and effective visuals on assessing, maintaining and improving soil structure. This covers surface assessment, soil extraction, soil type, how to identify soil structure and guidance on how to score to the state of the soil with photographs showing soil structure types. It also covers management options for poor soil structures including surface slitting and sward lifting and ploughing, and preventative measures, such preventing compaction, soil testing, maintaining field drainage and improvements for the biological activity in the soil.
Soil quality and fertility
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