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Weed control is a major issue in organic farming, especially in specialized arable cropping systems. To explore solutions, long-term experiment are set up. In order to assess weed control efficiency methods of weed monitoring are required.
The RotAB weed toolbox aims at identifying and describing existing weed monitoring methods: their objectives, applicability and detailed protocols.
The toolbox is a handbook of methods for weed monitoring in organic long-term arable experiments. It has been developed based on the expertise of French agronomists in charge of such experiments. The toolbox is composed of an excel file (can be found on Organic Eprints that provides an overview of the methods and indicators to be calculated and 7 fact sheets detailing different weed monitoring methods. The tool has been developed for organic agriculture but could be used in conventional agriculture. The fact sheets are applicable in all European pedo-climatic conditions.
Weed management
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