NDICEA - Nitrogen Planer – version 6.2

A useful tool for understanding nitrogen dynamics in organic rotations


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Understanding of the nitrogen (N) supply and organic matter (C) cycling in arable rotations
Insights into nitrogen supply and carbon storage on farm or field basis
NDICEA presents an integrated assessment of the question of nitrogen availability for organic crops. During the growing season, the model compares net available nitrogen from manures, crop residues, green manures, additional fertilisers and the soil, with the crop specific demand on a daily basis. The release of nitrogen from different types of organic matter in the soil is calculated, considering soil type, temperature, rainfall and losses due to leaching and denitrification. The NDICEA model has been developed, tested and used during more than 15 years by the Louis Bolk Instituut in the Netherlands. The interface is user-friendly, with complex calculations in the background. This offers an easy way to obtain a reliable indication of the nitrogen and organic matter dynamics on a specific farm. Calibrating the model with measured soil mineral N values (if available) will improve accuracy of the calculations.
Nutrient management
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