Controlling potato beetles with Bt


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Potato beetles can develop rapidly, especially in warm summers on late-maturing crops, causing extensive damage to the potato plants.
In the case of a large infestation, direct control measures e.g. the use of biological plant protection products like Novodor are justified. Novodor contains a bacterium; Bacillus thuringuensis tenebrionis (Bt), whose toxins (protein crystals) destroy the intestinal tract of potato beetle larvae.
Check the state of infestation • When the potato plants start to emerge, walk the field every 7 days in a straight line and check plants at regular intervals. • If clusters of eggs are found on more than every third plant, apply Novodor four days after discovering the first clusters. Apply the agent • Dissolve 5 l of Novodor in 500 l of water per hectare of potatoes. • Novodor can be applied together with copper products. Optimal conditions: • The potato beetles are still in an early larval stage (L1 to L2). • Temperature between 15 °C and 25 °C. • Avoid direct sunlight: spray late in the evening or when the sky is overcast. • No rain is due within 8 hours after spraying. Comments • After a successful treatment, the larvae will turn black after a few days. • If the effect is insufficient, the larvae will stay mobile. In this case, the treatment should be repeated within the following 10 days.
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