Demonstration of Plough Dethatchers

Termination of an old ley – quite easy with the right machines!


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Incorporating of green manure, termination of an old ley
Suitable machinery
The crop to be incorporated was a frost susceptible green manure that spontaneously grassed and looked like an old ley. The ground was very dry. The film shows the following plow dethatchers at work: • Bugnot 52 Rapidlab • Mini-8 OVLAC • Escudero Adero • Kverneland Ecomat • Traditional Operating plow Under wet conditions, the shallow tillage without soil-turning (= with crow's feet dethatchers for example) does not provide an absolutely clean soil. It’s the same with a superficial and complete reversal of a ley. One strategy would be to till soil superficially (= 3 - 4 cm for example) with crow's feet or cultivator blades to dry vegetation, then moving a disc harrow plow, which, even without causing complete reversal would leave behind a "clean" field. But this strategy has yet to be tested and demonstrated.
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