Shallow Ploughing of Leys – Comparison of Different Plough and Cultivator Types

Examine machinery for the shallow ploughing of old leys!


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Deep soil cultivation affects its quality, and so, machines with shallow ploughing depth have been developed. They do a good job tilling a cropped field, but to plough a ley is a bit harder for them.
It presents machines that are also able to plough leys in a sufficient way.
The ploughing of a meadow to a maximum depth of 10 cm to perform a strip-till is a great challenge. At a machine demonstration of FiBL, the performances of six ploughing devices, namely two different plough models, two shallow cultivators and two machines driven by a power takeoff (PTO), were compared. All machines could plough the leys at a maximum depth of 10 cm under the given conditions, but gave different field surface results. The film shows how the presented devices work and how successful they are. The choice of a machine for a specific farm is highly dependent on the prevailing soil conditions, the weed pressure and its crop rotation, and should be carefully considered.
Soil quality and fertility, Weed management
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