Crop rotation and its ability to suppress perennial weeds

Preventive control of perennial weeds through weed-suppressing crop rotation


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The problem of perennial weeds in organic arable farming
A well-designed crop rotation system is the key to preventive control of perennial weeds.
Weed-suppressing crop rotations are essential for sustainable organic arable farming. Preventing spread of perennial weeds will increase crop yields and quality. The tool is a factsheet created for all organic farmers as we all need renewed knowledge on weed-suppression and crop rotation from time to time. The factsheet provides practical recommendations on crop selection and composition of crop rotations in accordance to weed competitiveness and nitrogen demand. An appropriate combination of crops and green manures, designed specifically for the conditions and needs of individual fields, prevents spread of perennial weeds. The factsheet doesn’t only focus on prevention but also provides recommendations in case of high weed pressure. Example: Do not sow a winter crop after legumes, as winter crops leave perennial weeds undisturbed for a long period of time. Instead, undersow a cover crop in the legumes to hold back the nutrients and sow a competitive crop in spring.
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