Efficient nitrogen use from livestock manure

Make the most of the limited nitrogen available on the farm.


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Nitrogen is often the yield limiting factor and therefore needs to be distributed according to crop-specific needs.
Knowledge on crop-specific N-demand, yield optimisation, and crop response to different amounts of ammonium-N in order to use nitrogen from livestock manure optimally.
This tool is about efficient use of livestock manure, and how optimization will increase yields and reduce nitrogen losses. Thus, the tool is for farmers and their advisors who use livestock manure and higher yields. The tool can be useful regardless of experience. This factsheet is about optimizing the use of limited amounts of nitrogen from livestock manure. The yield response from applying different amounts of nitrogen differs, hence nitrogen needs to be applied with respect to crop, pre-crop, N-need, soil type, and climatic conditions. The result of optimal N-use is higher yields and less N losses. The factsheet provides recommendations on yield effective application of livestock manure in relation to nitrogen fixing crops, spring/winter crops, weed pressure etc. Example: applying livestock manure to a spring crop after nitrogen-fixing clover-grass is not yield effective and may bear the risk of leaching.
Nutrient management
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