Crop management of linseed

Linseed – different, popular and quite frugal; try it!


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Consumer demand for linseed oil, import of linseed, low diversity in crop rotation
Cultivation of linseed
What should you bear in mind to successfully cultivate linseed in terms of location, varieties, tillage, fertilisation, crop rotation, maintenance and harvesting? In particular, its low nutrient demand and the high market demand make linseed an interesting specialty crop for organic farms. Thomas Frei sums up his experience of having cultivated organic linseed for ten years. Hansueli Brasselsberg and Hans-Georg Kessler (Biofarm) and linseed producer Mischa Scherer provide further statements. The film was realised in Brütten, Canton of Zurich, at the Swiss Bioackerbautag. The Bioackerbautag is an annual event in Switzerland including field visits, variety trials, information on cultivation and machinery demonstrations.
Cropping systems and crop specific
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