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How cropping management impacts soil C and yields


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How to manage Soil C through cropping operations
Crop rotation improvement, catch crops and green manures use, organic matter application
The purpose of the tool is to give guidance in the management of arable crops in order to maintain and increase soil C and consequently reduce climate change effects. It proposes changes in the crop rotation, the use of catch and cover crops, use of manure and other organic fertilizers and simulates the impact on yield. It is tuned for different areas and soil types. The SmartSoilTool is a DSS in 7 languages where the user can choose location, soil type, farming system etc. and the system simulates the effects on yield, profitability, soil C etc. It is useful for farmers and advisers, both newcomers and skilled and it is not specific for organic. It has specific soil and management infos for Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Spain and Poland. Other useful information and examples are available on the webpage.
Soil quality and fertility
English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish language

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