Satellite based and camera-controlled steering systems

Machines steering on their own – it’s not science fiction anymore!


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For successful sowing, weeding, hoeing and other cultivation steps, a high working accuracy is essential.
Automatic steering systems, either satellite-based or camera-controlled
Precision farming is defined as the focused management of agricultural land by electronic means. One aspect is the automatic control of hoeing devices. In this video, Thomas Anken (Agroscope) explains the state of the art in automatic steering systems. Satellite-based steering systems save a lot of work because there is no need for a person operating the machine. Further, they are able to record and save the tracks, which can later be retrieved and exactly retraced; this is the so-called Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF). The system enhances soil protection and extends the period of maintenance and fertilization. For contractor Hans-Peter Breiter, the benefits of satellite-based steering systems are the increased working accuracy and the relief of the driver. In the second part of the video, Thomas Anken introduces camera-controlled machinery of Garford and Claas and describes the development in automatic plant recognition.
Soil quality and fertility, Weed management
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